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9 years of Advance News


The Battle for South East Region begins - The enemy has tried to delay us but no weapon formed against us will stand. God gave me the raising up of Gideon to use as the way which I shared with Malcolm Reeve at Medway chapter dinner. Malcolm Reeve had prophesied over every individual at a National Council Meeting in June 2008 and it so resonated with me that I kinew he was the man for the job..

On 22 May 2010  “Who will bring the fire?” Quite unexpectedly Malcolm Reeve shared a stirring review of The Battle of Britain where so much was owed to so few but Gods hand could be seen in what took place time and time again. History showed us that when we turn to him he had always given us the victory and war diaries proved that God had sought to punish the enemy.  Read Miracles and Angels Vol 4. Evidence for the truth by the late.Dr E. K. Victor Pearce.

On 2 April  2011 “Let God Arise and his enemies be scattered.” became Walking in Victory Part 1. This was totally God incidental. The morning speaker at church had forgotten he was supposed to speak at both morning services and had gone home so Ian James was called upon to preach in his absence. He preached on the story of Jonathan and his armour bearer attacking the Philistines and depending upon what the Lord said would go into battle or not. As I listened I knew that this was the next Advance subject and speaker. I din't hesitate to ask him and got a "Yes".  Jim Dooler a past England Rugby player who shared incredible testimony of his wifes healing.

On 22 October 2011  We had a visiting speaker Kul Bal shares his testimony here to raise money for his chariity.

On 18 February 2012  We had Walking in Victory Part 2. John Edwards – Bill McCabe setting addicts free to walk.

On 15/16 February 2013 we had  “Pouring out His Glory”. John Gaughan  –  Graham Jones. The word "Stand Still and see the glory of the Lord" appeared on the page of my bible. I typed it into my advert. When I checked to see if I had typed it correctly the word had disappered, it was nowhere on that page 'a rhema word'. I did stand still and watched wonderful things happened as Graham Jones ministered. Almost everyone queued up for prayer.

On 16 November 2013  Another double portion in Philip Edwards - 'Going Deeper' and  David Measures -  'Being set free'.

Our numbers are less than Gideon had, but after a 3rd re election I am to direct for another three year term.

At every point God had provided the lead from my seeking his face. The next step was extraordinary. It came while I was waiting in the hospital waiting room while my wife was undergoing treatment for cancer. I was reading the gospels chronologically using two bibles I was impacted by what Jesus was doing. Do thou likewise couldn't have been clearer so ‘Prepare ye the Way' as Jesus did and we sought to set the people free by regular Advances.

1. ‘Destroying the Works of the Evil One’   15 Nov 2014    Jacob John FGB   

2. ‘Being in the will of God’                           14 Feb 2015  Dr James Epley  

3. ‘Arise’ 'Intimacy and Breakthrough’             13 Feb 2016    Jacob John FGB

4. 'Tidying up the mess'                                  2  Mar 2016    David Tidy                                                                  

5. 'Moving in the Holy Spirit'                           9 Apr 2016     Roland Tann                                                              

6. 'Deliverance'  Forms and why we need it,   25 Jun 2016     Bill McCabe NLCC                                                     

7. 'Further into Deliverance and  prayer     23 Jul 2016      Bill McCabe NLCC                                                     

8. 'Deliverance followed by ministry'           26 Nov 2016   Bill McCabe  NLCC                                                     

9. 'Deliverance aspects from birth'              21 Jan 2017   Bill McCabe NLCC                                                     

10. 'Dreams, visions, how God speaks'       25 Feb 2017  Anne-Marie Alexander & Joy Maddison                         

11. 'Forgiveness'                                            29 April 2017  Ian McDowall Tough Talk                                          

12. 'Tongues & Prophecy'                              24 Feb 2018  Jacob John FGB                                                       

13. 'Healing'                                                    24 Mar 2018  John Edwards                                                            

14. 'Walk in the Light'                                     24 June 2018 Robert Maasbach                                                     

15. 'Be thou my Vision'                                   21 March 2019 Malcolm Reeve

Malcolm shared why God should be our vision from the song. This had impacted on me when I watched my friends funeral in video. The tune wouldn't leave me. It was a kind of memorial to a man who had taken Trevor Wilson and I to all manner of places in the wilderness of Latvia reaching into different communities. I asked Trevor to go with me as my friend wanted to build a House of Prayer on some ancestral land he had purchased and we spent some time each year. Trevor was a carpenter. Sadly our friend was murdered by someone who had supposedly knocked on his door and asked for a glass of wate - he wasn't an angel - but God have mercy on his soul. Our dear friend lived out the words of this song as I think we all should if we are to reach our Destiny in that City on a hill.

The Lord had said seek me and I will reveal my plans and this is the result so far.

After reading the passage of scripture 'the walk to Emmaus' I was touched to make a decision to go back to where I began that first walk at FEINI in 2012 at a Latvian family camp which he hosted.  FEINI was once the village hall and made into his home, a clothing store, a church on market days, a family camp by our dear friend Levi Graudins in a quiet remote village of Ruzina.

Ruzina means a place of Roses. Levi had dearly set out to bring all the churches of Latvia to unity in the Holy spirit May God finsh the plan that Levi set out to run.