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How did God guide me?

I was new to FGB and in Feb 1988 joined the Dartford Chapter. I had become a born again christian in 1986 and before that I was not a christian in any shape or form.  I had had experiences in 1984 where the Lord was revealing himself through those he sent which are foundations of my testimony before I could officially say I was born again. The date I can now put a finger when I was invited to an AOG church in Florida, one bright Sunday morning is July 20th, 1986 to the great joy of my eldest daughter from my first marriage and her new found friends who wanted to pass on to me every scripture they knew. It was not a mistake but I have to confess at that stage that I had no idea what they were so excited and talking about - but to them it was the GOOD NEWS.      

In 2018 still maturing, in my 83rd year a christian and now almost 32years ON THE WAY God has brought me thus far. 1 Sam 7 v 12.

Nevertheless God has a plan for my life which began to be revealed at The World Convention in Orlando, through TV Evangelist the late Dick Mills in 1991. He said God had something real special for me which I had to be patient for until he gave me the next word to move into the new dimension and the new direction.

Can you imagine I had only just begun to get to grips with my new faith. I was President of Dartford FGB at this time and in a few months I was involved in our very own prison ministry which we called 'Christline'. Most importantly he quoted me some scriptures,  Exodus 14: 13/14; 2 Chronicles 20; 15/17, and 2 Samuel 23; 12. He gave reasons. God was directing my path and very meaningfully showing me stand my ground. Ths was His appointment. 

Every word in the bible is there for our guidance and it was not long before I was advised kindly to keep a diary of the utterances. Some people are advised to put them on one side, some stick them in their bibles on pieces of paper and never read them again. And of course there are elders in the church that we can ask, so as to receive considered guidance whenever it is right to do so. It is all in the bible - but the crunch is knowing it is - so reading your bible is not optional but a necessity for us all, no matter who.

I hear people say that there have been lots of prophecies over the South East in the past years but I have yet to see anything posted to that effect. I want to get the Prophecy I was given over the South East in June 2008 at a National Council meeting as a Field Rep posted.

It was ages before I got a recording to preserve it in writing as it seemed to be compelling evidence that God was speaking to me.

The were essentially four paragraphs to the prophecy . Speakers exhortations between and before paragraphs are removed.

  1. The South East the connection to Europe, under the sea, the connection to Europe, not in the natural but in the spiritual. Lord, I don't know how it is going to unfold, but you will be taking the Living Water and the Glory of God from the South East across to Europe in a new measure, in a new measure.
  2. Seek Him, seek him and ask and he shall reveal his plans for he is giving you a special anointing for bridging the gap between the South East and across to the continent in a new measure, in a new measure says the Lord.
  3. People are going to come across, across to receive what is, hallelujah, going to be birthed in your corner of this nation.
  4. God has been laying connections, laying connections, they are like large pipes that are just going to allow the Living Water to flow into Europe and beyond. You are strategically placed says the Lord.

Some say you should test the prophecy - how?  Well I felt compelled to step out, it was like a dog with a bone, and then it started. Terry why don't you come to Ukraine?  Much the same as when an ex-con said come to my baptism. I went and I was in a different world, what I had was acceptable to the church and I still go there after 24 years.  I went to Ukraine from that one invite at a Global Prayer Summit from Andre Klementov from St Petersburg and found myself in Kiev meeting with friends from bible school who I hadn't seen for years.  Victor K, Sergey C, Kristina, Guennadi K, and family members. I went to Victors farm house where he told his son to hand me a book.  I opened the front cover and it said,  "One day I will see you again in Kiev".  Could I believe my eyes? It was my writing and signature.  The proof of the pudding is in the eating, this was not just a coincidence.  I had prophesied into my own life without knowing it. So I believe that all the prophecies I have received are Gods word guiding my feet according to his purposes in A NEW MEASURE, in a new measure.  The reddish coloured book is

on the kitchen table in the foreground.

And so my walk began in 2012 with my very first visit to Irpen, Kiev in Ukraine and I was to love and talk with those before me.


      Victor, Galina. Book is on table.               My second year of meeting at Irpen         Allan Jones healing at evening meeting     A 2nd year Latvia, Alexande & wife