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God is everywhere

A highlight of my journey to the Far East was getting a call out of the blue - "Welcome to Singapore - if you have any time to spare we would love to see you". They were an 8 hour train journey away or a 5 hour bus ride in another country, Malaysia. I went off into the unknown assured that they would be waiting for me at the bus terminus. They weren't there.  After running out of money on two phones I was alone and lost. What shall I do? Where can I go? What will happen to me now? I wasn't scared but I had no answers, daylight had suddenly gone and now it had been pitch black for an hour.  I had been expecting them every moment knowing they were reliable. Then I had to admit to myself there was only one more way. I tried whispering my situation to God but it seemed so loud I thought every one would be looking my way.  "God if ever I needed you I need you right now"!  Suddenly after a pregnant pause, I looked down at the little piece of dark blue paper clutched in my tiny hand. A Malaysian tel no. 010262.... was all it had on it.  Glancing towards the bus stop was a man with a kind of walkie talkie. Why hadn't I thought of this before? It was obvious! Then I remembered I had heard wise words many years before in the army - nothing is obvious.  It had to be God's answer.  I approached the man and without hesitation he phoned the number, an immediate recognition of the female voice on the other end brought joy to my heart.  The man kindly told them where I was and within a few minutes I heard a voice in the dark saying, "Hello Mr Terry, how are you"?  I was in safe hands again.  If I am honest I was never out of safe hands, our God is everywhere. He's got the whole world in his hands.

Call upon the call Lord and he will deliver you.  Ps 34 v 17.