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1066 Country Chapter 7 for 7.30pm

Venue: Royal Victoria Hotel. Marina. St Leonards on Sea. TN38 0BD

Date: 30/09/2019

Tony Maisey      A crown of thorns

Tony came from a working class background in Croydon, Sth London in 1971. His parents parted when he was a child. His mother became alcoholic dating a violent underworld figure. By the age of 14 well known gangsters were hero’s. He also became violent and got into drink and drugs and at 19 went to prison. On release he got involved in serious organised crime living every day in fear, violence and lots of money.  Drinking brandy and cocaine took its toll on him and he was left broken, haunted with suicidal tendencies. In an attempt to find a cure he set off to the jungle of Peru and took part in demonic ceremonies but got worse. Now open to dark forces he had no way to fight them. How did he get set free to see the Light?  Come and listen to this exciting transformation!