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Medway Chapter Dinner

Venue: King Charles Hotel Gillingham, Kent. ME7 5QT 7.30pm

Date: 14/11/2019

Medway Chapter Dinner

Lennox Rodgers -

Lennox  formerly operated in the criminal underworld in London and Oxford. He had been a drug dealer, a top enforcer and an armed robber had spent time in many of UK’s worst prisons, including HMP Dartmoor.  There came a time when he had sunk to his lowest and was in such a bad state because of undisciplined drug use that life had lost all meaning. He wasn’t even rated as useful anymore because of drug use. His father died while he was serving time and an anger rose within him to seek vengeance.  His book of outrageous crime takes you into a world you would not know existed unless you were caught up in the world of crime. He now works with gangs helping young people to re focus and avoid what could become hidden death.