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Medway Chapter

Venue: King Charles Hotel, Gillingham, Kent. ME7 5QT. 7.30pm

Date: 16/05/2019

Medway Chapter

Our speaker Kelly was once a Sikh.  One night she was invited to an FGB dinner with friends convinced she was going just for the food.  There was an invitation after the dinner by the speaker and she found herself unable to stop her hand going up to accept the invitation.  She also saw both her parents turn to Christianity in later life before they passed away. The Sikh religion invented in the 15th century contains a combination of Hinduism and Islam and will never set you free or get you to heaven.  Kelly has been a church minister, a full time carer, and is now a care Manager and through all of this has seen many people get healed when she has prayed for them.  Is this a time for your healing or for you to be set free from a man made religion?   If so come tonight.

First timers free.