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Upcoming Events Borough Green

Saturdays only  8.30am

No ordinary BREAKFAST  coffee as you arrive.

Crown Point Inn,  Seal Chart near Oldbury Woods on A25.  TN15 0HB

Breakfast served to your table. Only £5.49                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Phone to book on 07568 536405 

Guest speakers  2017

February 18th - Bruce Wick - Gave his millions away to reap a different harvest by Royal command.

April 22nd - Bill McCabe - Could learn by heart the ways of the world but could not understand God.

May 13th -  Roland Tann - Martial Arts Instructor to Police.  Now heals and recruits for a new world. 

July 22nd - John Lawson - Martial Arts led him to be a wicked man.   Now he is a full time servant.    

Sep 16th - Tom Stapleton - Once he was all at sea. An angry protective man. Drove and saw the Light.

Oct 21st - David Fellowes - Praise and worship leader passes on the baton.  Now is the time to lift Him up.  

Nov 18th -  Barrie Lawrence - Lost dental student becomes 'Licensed to drill' - Funnier than James Bond.


Guest speakes 2018

Jan 27th - Cancelled, apologies.

Feb 17th - David Measures - Had a spirit of fear. Became a workaholic. Delivered from all fear.  

He now sees miracles , healings and deliverance wherever he goes, but mainly in Brazil.

Mar 17th - Max Sinclair - Paralysed waist down from car accident. Stands tall though he sits.

Apr 21 - Maldwyn Holland - Healed of asthma in a horsebox. Came out fighting and got a victory.

Jun 16 - Colin Pownall and David Riley - A cop and robber situation - God turns two into one.

Jul  21 - Jim Epley - He was known as the Ice man - but that changed - to a man of fire!

Sep 15 - Allan Jones - International BMF speaker just back from Kenya - Releasing captives!

                                                                                                                 Terry Lowe and Allan Jones

                                        Exit main road to enter Inn car park.  Entrance by door at front.