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Upcoming Events Maidstone

2nd Wednesdays only    7.30pm.  

Grange Moor Hotel, St Michaels Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME16 8BS

A two course plated meal for £15.65.  

Booked meals must be paid for.  Come later if you want to hear the speaker.


Phone   Anne or Terry   01634 666323

Guest speakers anticipated.

Feb 8th - Les Petken - A hate filled alcoholic on drugs goes from certain death to a NEW LIFE

Mar 8th - Peter Pawlak - A ne'er do well blacksheep got a new life through FGB . How about you?

Apr 12th -  Cliff Halls -  Every bad situation he faced turned to good.  Now he prays and God heals.

May 10th - Simone Pestelle - Seeking but not finding until she saw evil in a guru and ran away.

June 12th - John Lawson - He grew up to be called a wicked man - but that wasn't the end result.

Sep 13th -  Three young ones -  2 young ladies and Kaz have overcome much to find victory in Jesus.

Oct 18th -  David Fellowes - Praise and worship leader passes on the baton.  Now is the time to lift Him up.

Nov 15th -  Barrie Lawrence - Lost dental student becomes 'licensed to drill' - Funnier than James Bond.

Dec  6th  -  Simone Lewis - Got lost in work - lost everything to the pits of hel - now assures people.

Guest speakers 2018

Feb 14th - David Measures -  Cancelled  - A TV demon gave him fear to sleep in case he died -  he had had to work non stop - Once delivered he was able to help others and set captives free. 

Mar 14th - Cancelled