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Upcoming Events Medway

Thursdays only   7.30pm  

The King Charles Hotel, Brompton Road. Gillingham. Kent. ME7 5QT.  

A two course plated dinner £11.50 with tea/coffee.                                                       

Guest speakers 2017

Jan 19th - Noel Lunsford - The Lord gave him a new wife to show - HE can make all things new.

Feb 16th - Bill McCabe -  So often he found danger.   But then he saw dying come back to life.

Mar 23rd - Les Petken - Turning yellow was the end.  Fights, drinking & drugs had taken his life.

April 20th - Billy Reid - Angry young man wanted peace. He found it in Amsterdam over coffee.

May 18th - John Wright - Upper crust but used by Jesus. Uses his Voice to make a difference.

June 15th - Simone Pentelle - Born a Jew.  What else was there but Judaism? Finding the truth!

July 20th - John Lawson - The judge said "You are a wicked man".  He now fights spiritual wars.

Sep 21st - Tom Stapleton - Once he was all at sea. Angry, protective in his taxi he saw the Light.

Oct 19th -  David Fellowes - Praise leader passes on the baton.  Now is the time to lift Him up.

Nov 16th -  Barrie Lawrence - Lost dental student  'Licensed to drill' - Funnier than James Bond.

Dec  7th  -  David Fellowes - A christian mother - gets him to see the light - darkness disappears.

Speakers for 2018

18th Jan -  Apologies Cancelled due to accident.

15th Feb - David Measures - A touch of fear - a workaholic who daren't sleep - now a deliverer.

22nd Mar -  Anne-Marie Alexander  - Dreams and visions and a touch from God. 

Apr 19 - Maldwyn Holland - Healed of asthma in a horsebox. Came out fighting and got a victory.

May 17 - Zoe Emmett - Adopted as a baby. How things turn out. The intimate inside story.

Jun 14 - The copper and robber situation.  A hate and forgiveness story changes lives.

Jul 19 -  Jim Epley - He was known as the Ice man - but that changed - to a man of fire!

Sep 13 - Allan Jones - International speaker just back from Kenya.

Oct 18 -  Max Sinclair - Suffered broken neck - and he walked - now he just sits and talks.   

Nov 15 - Alan brought his wife - and let her do the talking at our request.

Dec 13 - Ocean shocked a cop with her story. Never had he heard anything so bad.


Jan 17 - Bruce Wick

Feb 21 - Bruce Wick - Made his millions - met a man who was a cripple - and underwent a change.

Mar 21 - Malcolm Reeve - Retires from police after 30 years - turns prophet, undertaker and elder.

Apr 25 - Kalbinder Chhina - brought up a Sikh - changed at an FGB dinner - never been the same.

Jun 22 - Tony Anthony - What changed him? Martial Arts - Body guard - gaol - to being God's sword?

Jul 18  - Tony Maisey - Toughed it out - entered clink aged 19 - after black magic - a vision saved him.

Sep 19 - John Gardiner - Unloved - Hooligan - Shoplifter - caught by a dope addict from the past.

Oct 17 - Daniel Nquot - A war ravaged refugee - home - made good - Now does impossible things.

Nov 14 - Lennox Rodgers - Unloved nawty bwoy - lost in crime - Bali brings a lifeline lasts forever.


Noel Lunsford came to UK on an unction from God. Then on the plane he had a dream. He carried out        

the dream the next day and then came and shared with us before flying home again in 48 hours-.

Weeks later we heard the prayer had been answered. The person was healed and cancer gone.

Entrance to The King Charles Hotel car park

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