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Upcoming Events Medway

Thursdays only   7.30pm  

The King Charles Hotel, Brompton Road. Gillingham. Kent. ME7 5QT.  

A two course plated dinner £11.00 with tea/coffee.                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Guest speakers 2017

Jan 19th - Noel Lunsford - The Lord gave him a new wife to show - HE can make all things new.

Feb 16th - Bill McCabe -  So often he found danger.   But then he saw the dying come back to life.

Mar 23rd - Les Petken - Turning yellow was the end.  Fighting, drinking and drugs had taken his life.

April 20th - Billy Reid - An angry young man wanted peace. He found it in old Amsterdam over coffee.

May 18th - John Wright - Upper crust but used by Jesus. Uses his Voice to make a difference.

June 15th - Simone Pentelle - Born a Jew.  What else was there besides Judaism? Finding the truth!

July 20th - John Lawson - The judge said "You are a wicked man".  Fighting is now spiritua warfare.

Sep 21st - Tom Stapleton - Once he was all at sea. Angry and protective was finally driven to see the Light.

Oct 19th -  David Fellowes - Praise and worship leader passes on the baton.  Now is the time to lift Him up.

Nov 16th -  Barrie Lawrence - Lost dental student becomes 'Licensed to drill' - Funnier than James Bond.

Dec  7th  -  David Fellowes - A christian mother - gets him to see the light - never fails from then on.


Speakers for 2018

18th Jan -  Apologies Cancelled due to accident.

15th Feb - David Measures - A touch of fear - a workaholic who daren't sleep - now a deliverer.

22nd Mar -  Anne-Marie Alexander  - Dreams and visions and a touch from God.  Gods implement.


Noel Lunsford came to UK on an unction from God. On the plane he had a dream. He carried out        

the dream the next day and then came and shared with us before flying home again in 48 hours.

Weeks later we heard the prayer had been answered and the cancer was gone.

Entrance to The King Charles Hotel car park

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